Circus Fitness Class Bundles

£80 for 10 classes

Our Fitness Class Bundles can be used to book up to 10 of our Circus Fitness Classes:

Conditioning for Circus

Handstand Conditioning

Circus Flexibility

(NB - the Bundles cannot be used to purchase Acro Fit classes).

Purchasing a Bundle

Circus Fitness Bundles cost £80 and can be used to book 10 Circus Fitness Classes. This represents a saving of £2 per class.

The Bundles last 6 months from purchase.

Once you have completed the purchase of a Bundle, it will be added to your account - subsequent Full Price Circus Fitness Classes purchased during that term (up to 10) will be discounted to £0 when you book.

NB - you need to complete the Bundle purchase first, in order for the Bundle to have been applied to your account, and book your Circus Fitness classes in a seperate transaction(s).